Valter Percussion Cajons

Standard Art.No: VP-CSt – € 259

The Standard model is equipped with the unique, VALTER fixed snare system™ that creates a really tight, snappy snare sound that is isolated from the bass sound (as opposed to most other cajones, where the snare often interferes with the bass whether you want it or not). As a result, the standard cajón has a round, dry and deep bass sound, while maintaining the distinctively snappy attack of the snare register.

Custom Art.No: VP-CCu – € 289

The Custom model has a thinner front than the Standard which makes this cajón more responsive and even easier to play. It also gives it a deeper sub-bass tone.

Inside, it has the same fixed snare system as the Standard model, and on top of that it is equipped with the new VALTER adjustable snare system™ which is easily adjusted from the outside with the attached hex key (Allen key). You can adjust the amount of snare sound you want while sitting on it.

It also features the adjustable sound-hole for pitch variation of the bass tone.

Bigbox Art.No: VP-CBB – € 329

The Bigbox is an enlarged hybrid of the Standard and the Custom. It has the same snare system as the Custom and the same materials as the Standard and is 5 cm longer in every dimension. This creates an extremely deep, round and dry bass. At the same time you can choose the characteristics of the snare through simple hex key adjustments at the side of the box. The Bigbox: when you want the listener to feel the beat in their gut.

Basicbox Art.No: VP-CBaB – € 169

This cajón has a fixed snare system similar to the VALTER fixed snare system™ which is not isolated from the bass tone as in the Standard cajón. The Basicbox is much more playable and has more bass response than other budget cajones on the market.

WiteBox / BlackBox



This new unique line of special designed cajones is the result of percussion designer Valter Kinbom´s long struggle to create a cajon that doesn’t cause the typical backache that is so common among cajon players.

By changing the traditional shape of this historic instrument, Valter succeeded making it more comfortable and ergonomic.

The basic principle is to make the playing surface come closer to you by inclining the body of the instrument and lowering the level of the seat.

All three models are equipped with the new built-in. With a normal cannon connection in the back, you can easily connect directly to the mixing board. This makes it super easy for you and your sound engineer at the gig.

According to many sound engineers—the best sounding built-in cajon microphone on the market today.

witebox and blakbox 4 – € 329

This is the box for the player that likes the original cubic shape of the instrument but is tired of bending down for playing. The W/B4 has a double VALTER fixed snare system and a deep dry bass and snappy cutting snare. Instead of the adjustable sound port, the W/B4 has a new air damper cloth covering the hole. Together with the special treated sides of the box, this takes away unwanted overtones and makes the tone more precise and concentrated. It also reduces the air waves that normally create disturbing sounds when microphoning cajones.

witebox and blakbox 6 – € 389

The witebox 6 is wider than the WB/BB/4 and the deepest of all three in this line. The result is a much fatter sound. Since the upper corners are rounded out it becomes amazingly comfortable, and with the special designed cushion it’s possible to sit on it for hours without getting a sore bottom. Its front plate is hexagonal which improves comfort while playing and also gives a wider variety of treble sounds than a normally shaped cajón. Your imagination is the only limit.

witebox and blakbox 8 – € 449

This one has the same inclined profile as the W/B4 and the same snare and sound hole features as well. The combination of the profile and its unique octagonal shape, it opens up a new world for cajon players. Since the upper corners are “cut off” it becomes amazingly comfortable which makes it possible to sit on it for hours without getting a sore bottom side. The octagonal shape gives this instrument the same extended sound spectrum as the Octa-cajon which allows you to vary the sounds of your grooves as never before on a cajon. The W/B8 measure50x35x35cm which gives it a bass sound closer to the BigBox’s.

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