22″, 20″ and 18″ DK signature series Heavy Frame Tar – $399 (22″), $350 (20″) or $330 (18″)


Cooperman 22" Bodhran Video
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18″ Cooperman Bendir – $350

This is such a versatile instrument. You can play it lapstyle or upright, with the strings attached or disabled.

Cooperman 18" Bendir video
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16″ Cooperman Tar – $308

Cooperman Standard model Tar with rennaissance head. This one is also comfortable for both lapstyle and upright playing. In the video you see the Tar, the same model is also available with strings as Bendir.

Cooperman 16" Tar video
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Cooperman 16" Tar video
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14″ Cooperman Ghaval without rings – $282

Cooperman Ghaval video
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22″ David Roman Drums Mazhar – €300 (currently not available from this website)

All Davidromandrums instruments come with air-tuning system. It’s very convenient and you can change pitch very quickly. Check it out here.

My favourite DRD lapstyle drum is the 22″ Mazhar with heavy frame and goat or thin calf skin. It has an amazing tuning range, warm bass and sharp Taks. In the video you see the same drum (goat skin) in 3 different tunings.









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14″ David Roman Drums Mazhar – €230 (currently not available from this website)

The 14″ Mazhar is available with cutout or thumbhole. Medium-thin skin. The video is from my first DVD.

DRD 14" Mazhar video
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Cooperman Artist Series Riq – $320.00

cooperman riq








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Our Artist Series Riq features the traditional jingle arrangement of 5 double-row, evenly spaced sets. The head is tightly mounted to create the drum’s distinctive high pitched sound. We’ve incorporated the patented Cooperman internal tuning system to maintain top performance under all conditions, as well as our removable jingle pin system to allow for alternative combination of jingles.

Cooperman recommends REMO Weatherking head for its bright, highly responsive sound. The Weatherking heads are typically scuffed to give them a slight surface texture. Alternatively, either REMO Renaissance or natural fish skin is available at the same price.


Here you can order the drums from the instrument page. The drum maker will get in touch with you for delivery and payment details. If you have questions before ordering, simply send the formular without checking any of the checkboxes and put your question in the message field.

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All Cooperman drums are shipped from Vermont, USA and include a soft case. Shipping is $15 in to the US and between $52 and $62 to the EU.

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