• Handpan Tutorial – 7/8 variations

    Handpan Tutorial – 7/8 variations

    This tutorial teaches some possibilities to play 7/8 patterns on a handpan. (such as PanArt Hang, SpB, Halo, BellArt Bells, etc.) In the first video the different patterns are explained, and in the second video you can see a composition […]

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  • Cajon Solo Phrases in 9/8

    Cajon Solo Phrases in 9/8

    Solo phrases on the Cajon over some Turkish 9/8 Variations. Always 3 bars of groove followed by one bar of “break” on the solo drum. Notation below. This video is part of the instructional DVD “Complete Cajon 1″.

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  • Frame Drum Basic Lesson (Lapstyle)

    Frame Drum Basic Lesson (Lapstyle)

    Video sample from the beginning chapter of instructional DVD “Worldpercussion 1 – Frame Drums” Drums like these are played in the middle east with hands and fingers. Glen Velez created a new style of playing this instrument, adapting techniques from […]

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  • Frame Drum Basics (upright)

    Frame Drum Basics (upright)

    Watch the beginning chapter from instructional DVD “Worldpercussion 1 – Frame Drums” This is a type of framedrum that has many names and you find it in a lot of different countries and music-cultures. It is basically a simple frame […]

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  • Riq Basic Lesson

    Riq Basic Lesson

    The tambourin of the Arabic world. It has 10 pairs of jingles in 2 rows around the frame. The skin is usually fish-skin, but also different kinds of animal skins and synthetic skin are used. It is played with a […]

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  • Cajon – Bossa Nova

    Cajon – Bossa Nova

    Video Tutorial from Instructional DVD Complete Cajon 1

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  • Darbuka Basic Lesson

    Darbuka Basic Lesson

    Watch the beginning chapter from instructional DVD “Worldpercussion 2 – Riq and Darbuka” This is the typical goblet-shaped drum used in middle eastern music. There are different versions, like the egyptian version with a round rim and the turkish one, […]

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  • Darbuka – Solo Phrases over the Malfuf

    Darbuka – Solo Phrases over the Malfuf

    David demonstrates ideas and phrases for solo phrases over the Malfuf playing using the Turkish split-hand technique.

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  • Tonbak Basic Lesson

    Tonbak Basic Lesson

    This goblet shaped drum is the main accompagnying percussion instrument in Iranian Art music. It has the shape of a wine glass. Very characteristic for the sound is the Riz-E-Por. This roll is produced with the fingers of both hands. […]

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  • Cajon Basics Lesson

    Cajon Basics Lesson

    (The cajon video is part of David’s instructional DVD for the Cajon) The cajon is a popular instrument in flamenco and Cuban music. It´s made completely of wood, sometimes with a string in the inside to create a snare sound. […]

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