New Solo CD released


  1. Hi Steven,

    thanks for the thumbs up, I’m glad you enjoy the video :).

  2. Steven Fougères

    Hi David, I discovered your video “Opening for Dead can Dance” two weeks ago and I listened to it a hundred times. Thank you so much for your beautiful music. All the best. Steven

  3. Great music,so gentle!!!

  4. I listen to this music daily. David is without a doubt the most original and talented handpan player. Get into his magical SPB spaceship and let him take you far 🙂

  5. valeria da silva nunes

    linda música que acaricia a alma! Venha tocar no Brasil!

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  7. I love the sound! it’s amazing and the album is great.

  8. lindsay williams

    I love this album – so refreshingly new – wish I could find out to where to buy these incredible pre historic looking instruments from!!

  9. Oh, fantastic: like velvet tablas. Though Dead Can Dance may well be my favourite band, and seeing them live in London (June 2013) a very rare treat, I found your music opening for them to be a highlight of the evening! An audio bath in unfamiliar sounds, woven in pulses and textures that excited and soothed at the same time. Music like this is uncommon, difficult to find and rewarding when you do. Nearest thing for me is either the soundtrack to ‘Solaris’ or the Aphex Twin at his most ambient. Maybe.

  10. With much love….. This is an amazing instrument. Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate it so much……………

  11. Wonderful! I saw you twice with DCD in Paris (2012) and last month in Nîmes, you are just amazing, thank you for sharing it with us. Peace

  12. you are amazing

  13. A Roma le tue sonorità sacre sono salite al sublime, avrei ascoltato più a lungo le tue vibrazioni che quelle dei DCD sgradevoli per errati calibri tecnici, complimenti e grazie.

  14. Big thanks Good sound !!!!! Shiva Power

  15. Great music! Thanks for the magic, by your emotions clear and compelling. Many spiritual feeling in your hands.

  16. Your tambourine solo before the DCD show was a pure moment of musical extasy … thanks!

  17. ¡Increíble! Awesome interpretation in the Dead can Dance act, you should come to México for a solo concert

  18. As said Nadishana : “Great CD, very different and fresh, unique playing style, very developed composition aspect.
    Real innovation in the world of handpans in terms of playing and also in terms of the conception of the album.”

    I add that this music touches the heart.


  20. It’s named after a village in Russia close to the border to Finland.

  21. I really enjoyed your solo opening performances for Dead Can Dance yesterday evening at the Royal Festival Hall, London. The resonating tonal range of the hang drum combined with your fluid like rhythms are simply beautiful. I particularly liked the duet with soprano saxophone…truly magical.

  22. Incredible album.

    A little question about the 10th song. It’s named “The Sound of Viborg”

    In the country i live in, theres a city called Viborg, so i wondering what you are referring to in the song title.


  23. Hello, I’ve seen you live in Utrecht (holland) together with Dead Can Dance. Amazing technics, great music.
    Lather on you were with DCD as well and it was great, I never saw a concert like that!!
    I’ve made pictures about the show and from you, i anyone shout like to get them i can send them.
    send a message to
    I hope to see you next year in holland again!

    See You.

  24. Hello, I saw you live at Prague- opening a concert for Dead Can Dance. It was magical and I’m very happy that your music will now accompany me in my life. Keep creating!

  25. I really am enjoying the music you play here, David. The unique tonal soundscapes created in these pieces are quite expansive in scope – for handpan music, this sets new sonic territory.

    Would love to hear you play live someday.

  26. Thank you for thursday !

  27. Thank you David for sharing your music with us in Austin, Texas. Your music is passionate and inspiring. Also thank you for saving the cricket, your heart shines with love and compassion. I look forward to seeing you perform in the future. 🙂 ciao ~ Cheaven

  28. I saw you in Vienna VA last night you were absolutely incredible. I am spreading the word.

  29. Wow! David opened for Dead Can Dance in at Wolftrap tonight. You have to see him play to really appreciate what is being done–particularly on the tambourine. And I hadn’t even conceived of the hang and hand pans. Beautiful!

  30. Just saw you at the DCD concert in Montreal. Absolutely amazing set you had to open the show. Look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck on the rest of the tour! 🙂

  31. Your performance in Vancouver was amazing. I fell in love with the sound of Hang immediately. It sounds very zen. I already bought your album and will enjoy it a lot.

  32. Just saw you open last night for Dead Can Dance in Vancouver and was absolutely blown away. Just bought this album here and will listen to it nonstop for days I’m sure. This is exceptionally beautiful and accomplished stuff, David. I can’t believe what you did last night with just a tambourine!! Congratulations to you! And thank you for this music. 😀
    Kieran Fox, MA
    Phd Student in Neuroscience at UBC

  33. This is an amazing album. Impeccable technique and captivating melodies…thank you for making such beautiful music.

  34. Incredible album, Congrats! Very articulate and crisp sound – great recording quality! Every precise stroke is well captured. Looking forward to hearing more!

  35. Great CD, very different and fresh, unique playing style, very developed composition aspect.
    Real innovation in the world of handpans in terms of playing and also in terms of the conception of the album.

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