• Back from Brazil

    Back from Brazil

    I just came back from the PercPan festival in Brasil. It was great to hang out and perform with Ahmad Al-Khatib, Andrea Piccioni and Angela, and Marcus Suzano. Also there is a new Frame Drum Video Podcast featuring Daf player […]

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  • Early music

    Early music

    One of my early music ensembles “Per Far Lieto” with Catalina Vicens on Organetto was recently featured on Harmonia Early Music Radio with some tracks from our upcoming CD. The recording is on, we are about 30 minutes into the […]

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  • Advanced Riq DVD

    Advanced Riq DVD

    The advanced Riq DVD is finally released. Lots of the footage was shot in Tunisia about a year ago, but it to me quite a while finishing the editing. It is available from HERE.  

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  • Advanced Frame Drums 1 and 2 DVD

    Advanced Frame Drums 1 and 2 DVD

    My advanced frame drum DVDs are finally out. It was a long journey and the project went through many rough spots. I’m especially excited about number 2 because I ended up re-recording 80% of the DVD in my own studio, […]

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  • Back from Istanbul

    Back from Istanbul

    I just came back from Istanbul. What an amazing city with an incredible percussion scene. The latest podcasts features Mehmet Akatay on Riq. His technique is from a different world and he’s amazingly fun to play with.

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  • Video Podcast 18 – Attaching things to frame drums

    Video Podcast 18 – Attaching things to frame drums

    This one is about adding shaker, jingles and other things to frame drums. The attachment system you see in the video was developed together with my genius grandfather.  

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  • TFF Rudolstadt 2008


    The “Dance and Folkmusic festival” in Rudolstadt is Germany’s biggest yearly worldmusic festival. Every year there is one “magic instrument” that is featured. This year it was the frame drums. We met for a week with a couple of frame […]

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  • Tamburi Mundi 2008

    Tamburi Mundi 2008

    The Tamburi Mundi is a frame drum festival happening once a year in Germany and it grows rapidly. Frame Drummers this year included Glen Velez, Mehmet Akatay, Behnam Samani, Marcus Suzano, Michael Metzler, Nora Thiele, Andrea Piccioni, Sattor Fozilov, Neyveli […]

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  • Ramallah


    I’m in Ramallah, Palestine right now where I’ll be teaching for about a week. 03/02/2008 I arrived in the Tel-Aviv airport yesterday night. Of course the flights were ayed and my luggage was lost. In the airport after I said […]

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  • Tunisian Percussion with Hatem Ammous

    Tunisian Percussion with Hatem Ammous

    January 30th 2008 While being in Tunisia I had the great pleasure to work with percussion teachers of the local universities. With Hatem Ammous, Percussion Professor at the University of Sfax, I recorded a half hour instructional video on Tunesian […]

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