Review of “the Path of the Metal Turtle”

My Solo CD was recently reviewed on Handpan Magazine.

Read an excerpt below or check out the full review here.

“David Kuckhermann is something of a percussive mastermind, skilled in Frame drum, Cajon, Udu, and more recently, Hang, and HandPan. And that percussive background is shiningly evident in his style of HandPan play (in a good way). With controlled hands whirling in perfect rhythm in ways that those of us less skilled, can only at best, use as a yardstick towards which to aim.

Deliciously hypnotic, and mysterious, The Path of the Metal Turtle features six HandPan (Including Hang, Halo, and SPB), across eleven tracks. And while I intended to half-listen to this album while tidying (long-overdue) my apartment, it soon became obvious that this would be impossible, and in some small way, unjust. There was nothing for it but to fluff up a large pile of cushions, lay back my head, close my eyes, and take the journey in its entirety. Savoring every beat, and resonant tone. Like a man enjoying every morsel of his final meal… “


  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Kuckherman, lieber David.
    Als ich damals nach dem Dead Can Dance Konzert im Tempodrom alles Gute auf dem Weg nach Oben wünschte, war das völlig naiv. Da sind sie bereits. Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung. Ihr Album hat einen unauslöschlichen Stammplatz in meiner ewigen Bestenliste und ist SOO beeindruckend. WANN gibt es einen Nachfolger ?
    Es wäre ein Segen.
    Also dann: Alles Gute auf dem Weg zum nächsten Album. Sie können ja mal an dentale Themen denken. HiHi.
    Liebe Grüße und alles erdenklich Gute.
    Stefan Ahrens
    Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt

  2. I’m still in the process of trying different mics. SM58 usually work ok and don’t give too much feedback trouble.

  3. congrads on the new release David. your percussion inspires me. curious what your favorite mics are for both recording as well as live performance with handpans. i had sent this inquiry to you recently but cannot find a reply if you did. many thanks!

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