The zendrum is a percussion midi controller. It has 24 trigger pads that can be used to trigger a sound module, sampler or other midi sound-source. It´s mostly used by drummers to trigger drum or percussion sounds, but also for melodic samples or loops.

Right hand position

This is not supposed to show “the” way to play the zendrum, just to give ideas about one out of many concepts. The following approach uses the idea to use 3 triggers in a row for bassdrum, hihat and snare. These will be played with your right hand. In the picture you see 2 of the many possible choices (1=Bd 2=hh 3=Sn):

Place your right hand on the hihat position (Pad No.2).

When you move it a little to the side, you can hit two pads together. Either hihat and bassdrum or hihat and snare

If you choose to play on 3 smaller pads, you might want to use only 2 fingers to hit them.

Left hand position

These sounds should be doubled for the left hand. Find a place that you can reach comfortably, probably the side of the instrument. Here the exact placement is not as important as for the right hand.


Separate bassdrum

You can also use your right indexfinger to play the bassdrum separately



The first pattern is played only with the right hand. Just move your hand sidewards to hit hihat, hihat and bassdrum or hihat and snare.

Add some hihat with the left hand.

Now play the hihat in 16th notes.

Now use the left hand for syncopated bassdrum strokes. Hit bassdrum and hihat together.

Play the breakbeat in high speed.

The next one is a bossa nova pattern.


  1. Hey Steve,

    it’s a notebook with Kontakt 2.

  2. Steve Schwelling


    What’s your hardware/software setup or drum module you are triggering with your Zendrum. The sounds are really nice in the video.

    Thanks very much.
    PS I’m also really enjoying the frame drum DVD I purchased from you. Well done.

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