Cajon Basics Lesson

(The cajon video is part of David’s instructional DVD for the Cajon)

The cajon is a popular instrument in flamenco and Cuban music. It´s made completely of wood, sometimes with a string in the inside to create a snare sound. In pop music it´s often used to emulate a drumset. Check out the online lesson to get started.








watch a comparison of different cajon models



  1. Thank for sharing the comparison of different Cajon models..

  2. David,

    This is a wonderfully clear and systematic instructional video! And including the notation is also a great idea 🙂 You are a gifted teacher, as well as a formidable performer. I’m still enchanted by your “Kubananukh”, played with Nadishana and Metz, which I watched half an hour ago – just after “Water Drops” on those _beautiful_ tongue drums. Now I’m having trouble choosing between so many amazing instruments – which one should I study first? Though the cajon does seem like a good choice for learning the rudiments of percussion playing …

    May you continue playing and teaching as long as you yourself would wish.

    Best regards,

  3. Great video! Very helpful for a beginner. And good tips for Bossa Nova part. I had trouble in putting the two beats together too. 🙂

    Thanks so much, David!

  4. slow it down until you have time to think before every stroke. Then add the strokes of the 2nd pattern one by one, wait until you are comfortable with the pattern before adding the next one. Good luck and have fun 😉

  5. David,

    I am having trouble putting the two beats on the Bossa Nova together do you have any tips?

  6. Hey Sas,
    the DVDs come with an electronic booklet with all the notations as seen here.

  7. Hi David,

    Interesting rhythm for the cajon. I’m just a beginner and have placed the order for the DVD!

    Anyway, just wondering if they will come with the staff as being shown up here??? Because they will be of great help.

  8. Best Cajon tutorial on the net. I’ll be getting the DVD!! Thanks David

  9. Great job man! Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Thanks for posting this great beginner’s video. I am a rank beginner and really appreciate the pace and repetition of these lessons. I look for more!

  11. Very interesting Videos. I am very interested in the Tutorial DVD. I am from Brazil and a CAJON Beginner. Just search all over the web for Tutorials and came to this site that I think is on the Top for CAjon Players. Thx

  12. Great Video David…one of the best beginning cajon videos I’ve seen on the webb…nice to hear you playing my friend..let me know if you get to the states this year.

  13. Great beginners cajon dvd. I plan on buying…great teaching and pace on this excerpt! I am sure the other instructional dvds are just as good!


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