Exercises for Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel

These exercises can help to prevent and to deal with tendonitis, CPS, tennisarm and similar conditions.

Stretch 1. Grab the thumb in a fist and pull downwards to stretch across the top of the thumb. Stretch 1
Stretch 2. Curl the hand around (a “long” fist) and pull with the other hand. This stretches across the top of the wrist. Stretch 2
Stretch 3. Top of hand towards body, fingers downward. Other hand pulls the thumb up. Stretches along the bottom of the wrist (the thumb is important in really getting a good stretch here). Stretch 3
Exercises. Here’s a round of exercises to follow up with. Up, pull, fist, clench, fists pull down, hold. Repeat. Exercises


  1. Hi Alen,

    there is a youtube video, just follow the link from the article :).

  2. Videos would really help in understanding in which direction to pull, which seems a bit difficult with words and even photos. In today’s day and age, having a short video on YouTube would be of immense help in conveying the message.

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